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Trading Platforms & Tools

Infinium has partnered and integrated with leading trading technology providers to fit any trading style. We offer direct market access to multiple asset classes through either front-ends for discretionary trading or APIs for automated trading.

We leverage our scale and expertise with each of our partners to maximize value to the trader:

  • Preferred access to platform executives and technologists to drive new feature development
  • Rigorously train operations staff to ensure mastery of features and troubleshooting skills
  • Deploy in-house programming and networking staff to optimize speed


Futures & FOP Platforms
Order management and ultra-low-latency trade execution

Our futures traders use trading platforms with sophisticated order management and ultra-low-latency trade execution interface routes orders to co-located exchange servers. Spreading tools uses proprietary algorithms to manage orders, allowing for modification and execution of the synthetic spread leg orders to occur in less than one millisecond.

Server-Side Speed
We use server-side tools eliminate the impact of geographic latency to give traders optimal order execution. Spread orders, orders into aggregated markets, and smart orders are managed on servers co-located with exchange matching engines. Our providers offer state-of-the-art servers and network equipment that is monitored around the clock, ensuring an optimal experience trading complex strategy orders.

Equities & Options Platforms
Advanced order type and routing with low-latency

Our equity traders use technologically superior trading platforms to manage advanced order types, direct order flow, and access dark pool liquidity providers.

  • Advanced Execution Strategies
  • Basket Trading
  • Pairs / Spread Trading
  • Colocation
  • Dark Pool Smart Routing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • API Access

The following table outlines the major platforms that Infinium offers (although alternative solutions will be considered on a case by case basis), including how they are accessed and what products we trade through them. Each platform has different strengths. In the process of going live, we will discuss with you which platform best suits your needs.

Platform Front-End Auto/API FIX Equities Options Futures FOP
Lightspeed Trader
Sterling Trader