Working at Infinium

Work hard, make it count, and the lifestyle choice is yours.

All our traders are different. They trade different markets across multiple time zones. During peak trading hours, people of all levels of experience work side by side in the trading floor which creates a lot of opportunities for junior traders to meet and learn from senior traders. A typical day for one of our traders includes trading across as may time zones as possible. The dynamics that create market opportunities change with trends and cycles, so our traders have to be flexible enough to work unusual hours at times.

The life of a Trader is a combination of hard work, analysis, quick thinking and resilience. Remember, this is a job done in front of a screen, looking at data coming from different markets and exchanges, and making the right decisions. All our Traders say that the key is to have a clear strategy, keep clam and stay focused, even when things start to happen around you. All of our Traders have at some time lost money; the secret is to be able to pick yourself up, learn from it and go again.


Typical Daily Routine

8:00 am

Arrive to the office

Have breakfast

Check overnight market moves

Look at Asian markets and futures and how they have moved through the night

9:00 am

EU Markets open

Follow EU news and trade on markets

12:00 pm

Quiet time

Reading and research, define afternoon strategy

2:00 pm

Free time

Have lunch, go to the gym, play video games

3:00 pm

US market opens

Follow US news releases and trade

6:30 pm

Volume drops (US lunch)

Send Profit and Loss for the day to manager and go home OR take a break, revise strategy and make the most of the evening trading

8:00 pm

Evening Volatility

Put on positions and Trade the evening volatility

Volatility is increased as the US commodity markets approach the daily settlement/close

8:30 pm

US market closes

Send profit and loss for the day to trading group manager

Go out for dinner and/or drinks with colleagues

Go home