Candidate Profile

Janice S. Packard
On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike. Whatever the problem

What skills are required to succeed?

At Infinium, we value quick-witted analysis, independent judgment, strong number skills, intellectual curiosity, honesty, and a proven track record of commitment, hard work and success.

Academic Background
We look for those who have succeeded in rigorous studies, but we have no preferred academic discipline. A typical recruitment class includes first and second degrees from Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Math, Information Systems, Economics, International Relations, and International Business.

Personality and Skills
During the recruiting process we look for smart, creative, and self-confident candidates with independent judgment, initiative, integrity, and commitment. Who like challenges and who thrive under pressure. Who are ambitious and comfortable with risk.
We will also look for:

  • Intellectual sharpness
  • Flexibility & adaptability
  • Risk taking ability
  • Decision making
  • Discipline
  • Analytical & data interpretation ability
  • Mental toughness
  • Numerate skills
  • Street smartness

Most of all, we are looking for people who we’d like to work with to create new opportunities.