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Technology & Infrastructure

Infinium offers customizable end-to-end solutions for discretionary and automated traders, from a choice of leading direct access front-ends and APIs to a high-throughput network optimized for speed. Our goal is to provide edge without distractions.

What we offer

We recognize that trading is a not a one-size-fits-all business. Traders have choice from front-end to back-end, with integration and support services provided by our trading operations and automated trading teams. Listed below are some of the core technologies we provide:

  • Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms for discretionary trading
  • APIs for automated trading
  • Platform Neutral Low-Latency Trading
  • Analytics and charting platforms
  • Web-based reporting & performance analysis; ad hoc trading analysis available
  • Automated strategy development
  • Integration services for deployment of existing automated strategies
  • Trading floor and call-in tech support

Network infrastructure

Infinium traders benefit from robust infrastructure, advanced technology, and exceptional support for fast, reliable trading.
In an business where microseconds count, having top quality technology and network connectivity is of paramount importance. That’s why we invested an enormous amount of time, money and resources in state-of-the-art networking equipment and low-latency trading infrastructure that is fast and reliable.
Our automated traders also enjoy access to multiple data centers, server colocation, multiple exchange connections, and continuous network monitoring.