Getting Started: Trading as a Career


Trading is more than a full time job. It’s a profession that takes time to master. Traders are operating in a very competitive marketplace where the hardest working come out on top. Talent is important, but real effort is just as critical.

Be assured: trading will involve an incredible test of your of your patience, tenacity and willpower. You’ll need to understand your own psychology and how it affects your trading decisions. What motivates you? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve success? How much risk can you tolerate? Are you competitive enough? These are the elements in front of you.

The reality is, professional trading is not easy, and we don’t pretend that it is. Forget what certain books tell you. They tend to say use the right indicator or the right pattern and you will generate profits over time. That may suit part time investors, or other types of traders, but genuine full time trading is more complex than that.

So what’s the way forward?

Rather than making the common mistakes most people make, at Infinium we guide you along a path that dramatically increases your chances of trading success. We’ll help you identify and remove the common pitfalls and obstacles which get in the way of so many junior traders.

New traders need time to gain experience, to make errors, and to learn from those errors. They need time to develop strategies they believe in, and can truly build on. At Infinium, we have built a culture of support and guidance to facilitate this as quickly as possible. Everything a trainee trader goes through, our senior traders and managers have already been through, and the knowledge we pass on to you is invaluable.

We’re about empowering you. Your efforts, decision-making and discipline will impact your performance and profitability. However, we provide open communication, support and structured mentoring of trainee traders every step of the way.

The Progress: From Trainee Trader to Professional Trader

While some new traders do make it big quickly, it’s rare. It usually takes 8-12 months to start making substantial earnings.

Once you’ve completed your training, the first three to six months will be tough. So we need people with staying power. You’ll need to be able to hold your nerve and cope with losses. Put in the work, use your brain, and the rewards will come.

What helps a trainee trader become a good trader?

You need to be truly passionate about financial markets. Belief and passion in what you are doing will help you to reach your goals.

Making mistakes when you’re learning to trade is natural. It’s the only way to gain experience. Can you pick yourself up and keep going in times of frustration and adversity?

You need to have an enquiring mind, on the lookout for consistent trading strategies for a profitable trading plan.

It takes time to gain the experience and knowledge required to become a successful trader. The more screen time you put in, the faster this experience comes and the more opportunities you will have to grow.