Discretionary Trading

Janice S. Packard
On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike. Whatever the problem

Infinium has thrived in a variety of financial and market conditions. Our traders make split-second decisions to best allocate the firm's capital, based on what's happening in the market right now.

Using the firm’s capital, our traders use a multi-strategy approach to gain an edge on the markets and generate consistent returns. The approach, and the specific trading skills that are taught, are regularly adapted and refined to meet the needs of a trader confronted with the constantly evolving marketplace.

We want Infinium to be the preferred destination for exceptional traders. We try to achieve that goal by continuously investing in the long-term profitability of our traders and providing all the necessary capital, training, tools, and support to make sure that their talent is fully realized.

Diversification: Multi-Strategy, Multi-Asset Classes

The likelihood of a single trading strategy succeeding consistently over the long term is low. Markets constantly evolve and arbitrage opportunities are efficiently competed away. Infinium is diversified by strategy and asset class. We encourage traders to expand across categories to become as fluid and adaptable as the markets.

How We Trade

Strategy & Approach:
Our focus is on well-defined risk/reward opportunities traded electronically on short time scales, from a few seconds to a few weeks. Within these general principles, we encourage traders to develop their own trading strategies and identities and to be highly adaptable to market conditions. Strategies include: arbitrage, momentum, relative strength, event-driven, and technical.
Things we are not: high-frequency traders, market makers, fundamental long-term traders

What We Trade

Asset Classes:
Futures: Infinium's main area of expertise lies in financial futures: equity index futures, STIR’s and fixed income futures. We are also very active in the energy futures complex.
Equities: Infinium trades the entire US listed equity, index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). We trade a very diversified set of companies, often exceeding 1,000 individual names in a day. We specialize in trading highly liquid securities.
Options: Including stock and index options. We also actively trade the entire complex of volatility based instruments.

What We Offer Discretionary Traders

Infinium provides a sophisticated working environment that provides the expertise, capital, and support to let traders focus on trading and trading only:

  • Capital Allocations
    • Infinium proprietary capital, from initial trainee funding to large-book traders
    • Introductions to hedge funds and other financing sources
  • Trader Development
    • Infinium Training Program
    • Mentorship program
    • Regular training seminars
  • Trading Floor (see below for more)
  • Open-door Access to Expert Staff & Partners
  • Choice of Leading Trading Platforms & Tools
  • For Futures Traders:
    • Connectivity to multiple data centres around the world located near or co-located with major exchanges
    • Low clearing rates through our exchange memberships
  • For Equity Traders:
    • Extensive Easy-to-Borrow List with Automated Access to Multiple Stock Loan Providers
    • Access to a large list of liquidity sources and dark pools
  • Risk Management, Reporting & Back-office
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits:
    • Salary and bonus opportunity for new traders
    • No education or training fees
    • Aggressive payouts for experienced traders
    • Expense reimbursement program

About the Trading Floor

Our trading floor is one of our key differentiators. Trading floors can often be small, dark, and either sparse or filled with traders of questionable skill. Highlights of our floor:

  • Newly renovated, modern
  • Vibrant, collegial floor packed with outstanding traders; we don't compromise our commitment to quality
  • Diversity of strategies and asset classes increases trader development while reducing adjustment periods during market shifts
  • Open, collaborative culture that is intense and competitive but always in good spirit

Remote Trading

Experienced Infinium traders may opt to trade from their own offices, or even their homes, with complete access to our trading infrastructure. Highlights include:

  • Choice of multiple trading platforms and access to proprietary tools
  • Dedicated access to help desk staff with expertise in remote trading