Our Culture & Core Values

Infinium thrives on it's fun and entrepreneurial culture and flat leadership structure.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Performance drives everything and the sky’s the limit for the top performers who can work in an ultra-competitive environment. Because we don’t have customers, our traders focus solely on generating new trading strategies and optimizing existing ones to increase the firm’s profits and are only held accountable to the partners in the firm.

Our team likes to work hard, be successful at what they do and have fun:
What sets us apart from other others is that adding value is based on the work you do and your performance and not your ability to climb the corporate political ladder. We have no products, clients, or customers. Everyone is here because they love the work, those they work with, and have a passion for markets. Our people are hired for their talents and recognized for their contributions in building a trading company.

Our Core Values

Infinium strives to be the industry's smartest, most competitive proprietary trading firm. We maximize the value of our team by bringing together traders, analysts and developers to overcome the challenges of trading. Our team is always learning from the market; we build this knowledge into new and innovative trading strategies and systems.

We encourage every team member to contribute fresh, original ideas. To keep Infinium competitive, traders must stretch beyond their educational background and learn how trading really works. By pulling together a wide variety of backgrounds, Infinium creates a dynamic environment where team members constantly challenge each other to grow.

Flexibility defines our corporate structure and drives our success. We provide structure and education up front, empowering our team to take the firm in new directions. We provide the environment for every team member to have his ideas heard; our next great idea can come from anywhere.

We believe that constant trial and error brings the best results in the least amount of time. The market continually provides direct feedback on our performance.

Our success depends upon the ingenuity of our most important asset - our team members. As we have grown and advanced, we have learned how meaningful these Core Values are to us, both as a firm and as individuals:

  • Commitment to Excellence – Perform at the highest level, exemplifying individual ownership
  • Team Infinium – Succeed through teamwork and seek the best from others
  • Me in Team – Expect merit-based responsibilities and compensation
  • Entrepreneurial Contributions – Impact the firm outside of our primary responsibilities
  • Intellectual Curiosity – Grow through learning and educating
  • Iterative Change – Achieve the ideal through incremental steps
  • Innovation & Reinvention – Embrace and drive change
  • Passionate Discourse – Communicate competing ideas