Benefits of working at Infinium

At Infinium, we recognize that our success is driven by our people. We strive to strike a balance between career, life, and fun.

Our goal is to attract and retain the top talent in the industry. Here are some of the things that make Infinium a great place to work:

Our environment enables idea generation and collaboration among like-minded professionals. When you join our team, you can be sure of a cultural focus on trading excellence and sharing what's critical for achieving success.

Risk Management
Our Risk Desk operates 24 hours per day which provides an extra level of trading support.

At Infinium, we are your experienced business partner offering you solid financial security.

Location and Facilities
Our offices are close to major transport lines and we ensure we have the best IT infrastructure money can buy.

Friendships & Social
We know when to relax and unwind, regularly enjoying a range of fun social events including trips & vacations, sports events, functions and Christmas parties to name a few.

Unlimited Earning Potential
We don't hold back successful traders who can access large limits.

Comprehensive Training
Our structured in house training course by experienced traders has proven to be successful over many years.

Growth Opportunities
Our management team is always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities for our people.

Infinium's trading floor have a sense of humility. Our best traders are well grounded. Egos are kept in check to prevent poor judgements and blowouts. We encourage our experienced traders to help and support the up and coming next generation because this breeds success for everyone long term.