Careers - Overview

At Infinium, we understand that our success comes from investment in the right people. That is why we hand-pick talented, entrepreneurial, highly analytical individuals and foster their talents as part of a dynamic team.

Infinium is an ideal firm with which to launch or further develop a long-term trading career. Our founders, all former traders, started the firm with the belief that if you focus first on the profitability of traders, everything else will follow.

The result is a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment where autonomy and collaboration co-exist. While each trader is ultimately responsible for their own success, there is an unmistakable team spirit on the trading floor.

Define Your Future Today

We believe in career liquidity – the chance to explore your options, find your niche, hone your capabilities, and develop the skills you need to excel. We invest time and energy into every member or our team, working hard to help you discover the career path that will give you the greatest opportunity for success and satisfaction.

Infinium will challenge you to perform and deliver but also give you the tools and support needed for success.

More About Our Culture

Open Doors: Our founders are still 100% involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm and are accessible to everyone. This culture of openness permeates throughout the firm and trading floors.

Trust & Accountability: We pride ourselves in operating with the utmost integrity. We view each trader relationship as a long-term partnership where each side is accountable for results.

Constant Improvement: Recognizing that the market is extremely competitive and unforgiving, Infinium aims to build an environment where traders and the firm are never content to sit still.

Fun: We believe in being a serious firm but without taking ourselves too seriously. We provide plenty of outlets to counter the intensity of trading and to encourage traders and staff to build bonds outside the office.

Giving: We strongly believe in giving back to the community that helps our firm thrive. We organize frequent fundraisers and contribute as volunteers to various causes.


Infinium offers careers and opportunities to those individuals with a passion for the financial markets and the necessary drive, ambition and commitment to succeed in the demanding world of trading and investment.

Infinium is looking for entry level traders, experienced algorithmic and discretionary traders, and operations staff – eager to learn from our experience – who possess the drive and passion to directly impact and shape our business model today.