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Trading Facility & Infrastructure

We supply the highest level of support and service to empower our traders to adapt and succeed. Our IT team is well-versed in a wide array of trading applications and development environments.

We have co-location facilities and access routes across the globe, and we work with vendors and providers to ensure that any hardware, software, or connectivity that comes to our traders is the best quality and price point.


In an effort to provide our traders the lowest latency possible, Infinium has implemented a sophisticated network infrastructure. Our network is founded on strategically placed co-location sites giving us proximity to exchanges across the United States. The speed of a trading company’s network can be the difference between being profitable and a lost opportunity; recognizing this, Infinium has invested significant capital to ensure it has the best network infrastructure possible.
In addition to core networking, the infrastructure team manages a plethora of additional services benefiting the firm.

Trading System Support

The support team is the first line of defense against both software and hardware problems, and also monitors systems for alerts and potential problems. The team may troubleshoot anything from ISV’s software to proprietary developed modules to telecommunications to client workstations. Additionally, the support team will involve the necessary people from the technology side should a problem require more in-depth investigation.

Trading Floor

Our modern trading floor include:

  • Dedicated direct exchange connectivity
  • Segregated low latency trading network
  • Individual trading desks with high spec trading machines
  • Security and access control