Experienced Traders

Infinium is a natural choice for entrepreneurial professional traders seeking a sophisticated trading firm. Our goal is to develop, support, and partner with the industry’s best traders and to create an environment where they can make more at Infinium than anywhere else.

Experienced Traders
We always support and encourage traders to take their trading to new heights

Infinium is always seeking to recruit talented and experienced traders. Traders confident in their ability and knowledgeable across any or all asset classes will be considered. Whether you work with another trading firm or are an independent trader, Infinium offers an exciting and fulfilling trading environment with the stability and resources of an established firm. Depending on your previous experience, Infinium has opportunities for you to work in either large or small trading teams.

How We Help Experienced Traders Maximize Earnings:

  • Firm scale that affords us access to superior technology and trading platforms
  • Competitive splits based on your capital needs and flexible payout options
  • Competitive trading/clearing rates
  • Commitment to trading floor quality
    • Best education comes from the best traders
    • Shorter adjustment times through better communication and diverse strategies
  • Integrated automated trading division with whom traders can partner for new income streams
  • Compliance, Risk, and accounting resources

Why Trade with Infinium vs. Other Career Options?

  • Autonomy: you choose your level of involvement with the rest of the trading floor or keep to yourself if that's your preference
  • Trading vs. Other Responsibilities: Trading is your ultimate responsibility, not assisting someone else or doing grunt work
  • Multi Asset Classes: With high-speed access to global futures markets and US equities, while offering the best technology, support, limits, cheapest clearing rates and the best splits.
  • Economics: Unlimited upside, access to multiple income streams
  • Capital: Our traders gain access to large trading limits. We always support and encourage traders to take their trading to new heights, without the headaches or constraints of managing outside investors' money
  • Culture: Intellectually stimulating but fun, relaxed environment with no hierarchy
  • Entrepreneurial: Traders can dictate their own career paths
  • Support: Our highly experienced management team back our traders 100%. We provide the best possible environment for our traders to reach their potential - supported by our 24hr IT and risk management teams.
  • We don't compete with you: Unlike many firms, we do not compete with our traders in the markets they trade in.
  • Values: Infinium's trading floor have a sense of humility. Our best traders are well grounded. Egos are kept in check to prevent poor judgements and blowouts. We encourage our experienced traders to help and support the up and coming next generation because this breeds success for everyone long term.
  • Culture: Team building through social events and office activities.

What We Look For in Experienced Traders:

Demonstrated Experience
Successful track records with the performance reports and statements as backup; unless through our training program, we generally do not take traders without steady experience.

Attractive Risk/Reward Profile
Actively traded strategies that can be clearly communicated with demonstrable risk/reward profiles. Though not a requirement, we are most comfortable with traders willing to bear risk on their own strategies.

Professional Qualities
We expect our experienced traders to fit into our culture, becoming positive role models for our junior traders and bring unique strategies or qualities that would complement our trading floor.

We're looking for people who are self-starters, entrepreneurial, highly motivated professionals ready to leverage their current trading business.


How to Apply?

Applicants must submit a business plan.