Our Advantages

Whether you are an established trader or someone looking to begin a career in trading you may ask: Why consider Infinium?

Why Infinium?

The answer is simple. Infinium believes in creating an environment that equips a trader to achieve maximum success. Infinium’s only business is investing in traders. We offer professional traders an environment long on talent, trust, and resources and short on bureaucracy and headaches. By employing top trader support, access and connectivity to a multitude of trading products, Infinium delivers cutting edge technology and trade facilitation that offers a competitive edge in the trading arena.

Infinium Advantages:

True Career Building

Trading can be a rewarding career, but is not for the weak-willed. Many traders can’t sustain long-term profitability, stress can be high, and the competition gets ever more sophisticated. Our training program focuses not on tricks but on the fundamentals of trading and risk/reward decisions in order to build adaptable long-term traders.

Trader Development:

Investing in Traders, not Vice-versa Training traders has been at our core since day one. Trader education is not a separate business or profit center, it is integral to what we do. We have always and will always take risk on our trainees and view this as the only way to align incentives and build long-term trading relationships.

Commitment to Quality of Talent and Trading Floor

We are extremely selective in taking on new traders: experienced traders must have excellent track records and new traders must show outstanding potential to be considered for our training program. Our philosophy on building a trading floor is simple: trading talent begets trading talent. Compromising quality for short-term profit dilutes the floor and destroys morale.

Trader Support

At Infinium our goal is to have our traders able to focus 100% on trading.To achieve this we provide a dedicated staff of back office, accounting, HR and IT to assist traders in these areas and let them concentrate on trading . We have a support line that is manned 24/7 and our IT personnel, if offsite, can access our network remotely to work on issues.
Our IT staff supports leading trading software providers as well as our own proprietary software. Our team is also experienced with and support most popular data, charting and news services.

In-house research

Our traders benefit from a vast support of inhouse strategist and analysts. Our traders receive daily analysis of key market developments, fundamentals, technical view, and analyst opinion.

Technology for Liquidity, Speed, and Flexibility

Infinium has invested heavily into its technology platform offering multiple direct-access trading platforms for both discretionary and automated trading and for multiple asset classes.
We have also developed our internal software libraries and modules that can connect directly to the exchanges or runs in the background of trading platform. Our software has custom tools for creating and managing multiple orders and spreads with greater efficiency and speed then traditional off the shelf software. Our goal is to be able to take a trading idea and be able to put it into production in a matter of hours not days.
Our scale has also enabled us to access trading technologies and solutions not available to smaller firms.

Risk Management

We believe risk is the most important and misunderstood concept in the markets today. Infinium uses advanced risk management tools to help traders limit downside and achieve consistency. Our management team conduct periodical review of traders and use practical evidence-based strategies for enhancing their trading performance by assessing risk type, risk attitude and risk tolerance.

Exchange Memberships

Infinium is a member of some of the world’s leading derivative exchanges. This entitles traders trading our proprietary accounts to many benefits including: advantageous exchange fees, exchange driven volume incentives and access to participation in exchange liquidity programs.


Infinium has developed successful long term relationships with other companies and institutions to underpin sustainable corporate growth. The firm's management team routinely evaluate strategic relationships, ranging from clearing, exchange membership & incentive programs, technology providers, news & research, private placements, and targeted joint ventures.