About Infinium


About Infinium

We trade global markets, pushing the boundaries of electronic trading.

Infinium is a trading company operating on financial markets around the world. With state of the art offices across Europe, Infinium has fast become a leader in the financial sector.

The dedicated management team has between them over 30 years experience trading global markets, giving them the know-how and experience to operate a specialised, fast, resilient and secure trading environment.

The methodology adopted has proved to be an accomplished and highly risk-averse way of trading. The sustainability of its application has been demonstrated by a success rate second to none. The company is building an enviable reputation in the marketplace for its quality of trading environment and the high retention rate of its traders.

In 2015 the Company began a programme of employing, funding and training university graduates, nurturing educated young people and developing them until they become successful proprietary traders.

Electronic Trading Evolution

Over the past 30 years, the exchange traded derivatives business has seen enormous volume growth. This growth though has been dwarfed by the explosion in, not just volume but the number of market participants, since the major exchanges embraced technology and transferred their major method of transacting business from the old traditional “open outcry pit” method to computer screens as we have today. This volume now comes from over 185 countries in the world rather than being confined to the major Western players prior to the introduction of screen based trading.

Infinium only conducts its business on recognized derivatives and securities exchanges. This gives the company comfort that at all times they have accurate “marked to market” pricing and risk management and total security over counterparty risk as it is undertaken by the clearing houses.

Diversified Asset Classes

Infinium has over the last few years embarked on a major drive to diversify its risk and exposure on its current range of products by trading other asset classes and other exchange traded products. From trading STIRs (short-term interest rate products) and Equity indices predominantly for many years because of their unrivalled liquidity and volume, our product range now extends to Bonds, ETFs, Individual Stocks, VIX, Crude Oil and its byproducts, commodities such as Soybeans Coffee and Cocoa, and the major Forex pairs and their cross rates. Infinium now trades on all the major exchanges in the world and can boast being amongst the largest volume players in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Infinium is nicely placed to capitalize on the potential increased volumes due to its risk aversion and disciplined trading methodology which is its core strength.

Management Team

Infinium’s management is made up of a core of three individuals with the relevant experience for building a pan-European trading organisation. The team blends hands-on trading knowledge with dynamic business acumen drawing on years of experience in the financial services industry in the US and around the globe. Crucially, the same team has worked together for over 7 years, honing their collective skills and developing a keen mutual understanding for strategy, organisation and business creation.

Sample background

Traders who fit into our team and profile are welcome to become a partner.

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